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Collaborative Approach


You may choose the process used to obtain a divorce!

The process you choose to obtain a divorce has a tremendous impact on you and your family.  The traditional litigation process is not your only choice.  The collaborative process minimizes the impact of conflict on you and your family.
The collaborative process offers you:

A confidential, respectful divorce that starts with an agreement between you and your spouse that neither of you will go to court to resolve the issues in your divorce, keeping the details of your private life private.

A team of professionals to assist you through the emotional, legal and financial aspects of your divorce.  You and your spouse each have an attorney to provide legal advice through the divorce process.  A neutral financial specialist may analyze assets and debts and advise you and your spouse as each of you structure a comprehensive plan for the next stage of your lives.  And a mental health professional may act as a “divorce coach” to assist everyone in the process effectively communicate and reach resolutions that will work for your family.  

Voluntary disclosure of information and material you must have to make informed decisions about your children and your financial future. A free flow of information between you and spouse results in a faster resolution.

An agreed resolution you create to fit your unique life.  Because you control the outcome, you are more likely to be happier and better able to live with the terms of the divorce.

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