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Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection


These two words – domestic violence- do not adequately describe the far-reaching results of someone’s need for power and control in a relationship.  Domestic violence includes more than physical or sexual violence.  It includes the use of threats or coercion, intimidation, stalking or harassment, emotional abuse, isolation, economic abuse, and minimizing, denying and blaming all to accomplish the goal of controlling another person. If you have experienced these behaviors in your relationship, you may be able to obtain an order of protection.  These experiences may also be legally significant in your divorce case, and relevant to your custody and visitation issues.  We are uniquely qualified to handle cases in which these behaviors exist.  Our attorneys want to listen to your experiences to give you the advice you deserve about your legal rights.


An Order of Protection can be entered by a court if domestic abuse, stalking or harassment or sexual abuse occurs.  Tennessee statutes define what constitutes domestic abuse, stalking or harassment and sexual abuse.  If you need an Order of Protection, or if you have been accused of domestic abuse, stalking or harassment or sexual abuse, consult our attorneys.  They have the experience to advise you on how best to handle your case.  If a hearing is required, they have the litigation experience in Order of Protection court to obtain the best result possible.