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Relocating can be an exciting and rewarding event in your life, but if you have a child with a person who is not relocating with you, relocation can be a tricky legal event.  Tennessee has a specific relocation statute, and your failure to comply with its requirements could interfere with your plans.   Consult with our attorneys if relocation is in your future so you plan properly and avoid possible legal complications.

Parents do not always agree on a parenting plan when one parent decides to relocate more than 50 miles away from the other parent.  If relocation is to occur, our lawyers can help you negotiate or mediate a parenting plan that is acceptable to both parents.  If an agreed resolution to the proposed relocation is not reached, a hearing must be held.  Relocation hearings are custody and visitation hearings, and the focus is on the best interest of the child.  Our lawyers have handled these hearings, and are prepared to represent you throughout the relocation litigation process.